There is no space without politics. Stop pretending and start changing the world around you for good.

The moment you step out of your door wake up, you encounter politics. Is your energy provider state owned? Do you live in a small apartment, because privatization fucked up our housing market? Is your first thought “what a beautiful monday” or “damn, I hate Mondays”? If its the latter, I don’t think you hate Mondays, you hate capitalism. But there are solutions to problems in our society!

So, now what?


Economic Justice

The universal problem everyone in western countries encounters, is that our economy and society is not structured to serve people. Its made so few profit off the many. Germany’s tax system is particularly burdensome for the lower and middle classes, while relieving the tax burden on the (really really) rich. A simple policy measure is a wealth tax: roughly 0,7% of Germanys population would be taxed, a whole society profits.


Climate Action

Solving economic injustice is great, but capitalism is based on infinite growth on a finite earth. There is no green growth. Its either adapt and overcome, or die. If we want a future, we need to de-carbonize now. We need to invest heavily in renewable energy and state owned energy production and dsitribution.



We live in a world designed by and for males, which can be hostile to everyone else. Women and queer people are confronted with this reality on a daily basis. This needs to change! As a first good measure, we need more women and queer people in politics. Policy options are hard quotas in elections and dedicated institutions to research and fight discrimination.


Digital Policy

With a trend towards mass surveillance, we need laws that protect our privacy and guarantee secure communication. Sadly those rights are in great danger, even in the European Union! To make everything worse, blockchain crypto-bro’s and corporations endanger secure, efficient and sustainable digitization. I fight for our right to privacy and strongly support the public money, public code initiative. Critical infrastructure need to be state owned, without the possibility of the state snooping in our data.

Im actively involved in politics since 2019. The initial spark was Fridays For Future, where I organized protests, created posters and administrated IT Infrastructure. Later I organized camps and occupations until I turned to municipal policy and from that onward to regional and national policy in various NGOs, youth organizations and parties. Since 2022 I’m member of the executive board of the linksjugend [‘solid] Saxony.